FABULOUS fun with...

Phoebe the Clown
& Friends

About us

Hi there! I guess I should start off by introducing myself, I am Melissa AKA Phoebe the Clown. I have been clowning around
all my life and have finally corralled my enthusiasm and talents and put them into a costumed character that I named

This was the start of my dreams for years! A self-made business that allowed me to share my art talents, love of children
and creativity with others and still be able to stay at home with my family.

I have a loving husband of over 1
7 years who fully supports me in my decision to officially begin clowning. He is wonderful
and my hero! We have a beautiful little girl who is the joy of my life and my inspiration to do all things in life to the fullest,
including Phoebe. God blessing me with my own business allows me to be a stay at home Mommy and attend all the school
functions, be involved in our church and simply be there for our daughter as she grows up. This was my ultimate goal in
raising a child.

Clowning that started with just Phoebe has rapidly expanded to many
characters ... We now have over 20+ !!!

Being a kid at heart, I always tried to imagine what would be the ultimate party if, say at age 4, I could magically create my
own fantastic party!!! HUGE yummy cake....lots of friends and my favorite character to show up to my very own party to
entertain us!!! How fun would that be?

Well here it is!!! My goal for every party is to create magic in the eyes of the little ones and to make lasting memories for
them. I also try very hard to make the party as enjoyable and relaxed for the parents. Being a parent myself I know how
much energy it takes to create a wonderful birthday party and the parents are usually the last to sit and enjoy the events
of the day.

In a 10 years time, Phoebe had expanded so that I now have a
Phoebe the Clown "Staff" with over 10 wonderful people
who work with me.

These Characters and Assistants have been personally been trained by myself and now take part weekly with me in
creating these magical parties.

Although we specialize in children's birthday parties we also have taken part in many other events. We have done grand
openings, corporate company picnics, fund-raisers as well as festivals and school carnivals. We enjoy entertaining for all
kinds of people and all kinds of occasions.

In closing I would like to say that a birthday party, or any special event for that matter, is a day that you want to be the very
best and we share in that dedication and pride - it is the staple of my business. We are here to entertain with our wonderful
God-given talents and with all our heart, which is exactly what we pour into every party that we do.

Phoebe and any of the other
characters would be honored to share in your special day with you*<:O)